A handy application that converts DVD movies to AVI format
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DVD-TO-AVI is an application that you can use to convert DVD movies to AVI or MPEG4 format, saving precious disk space while preserving the video quality of the converted movies. You can convert the files at a reasonable speed (about two hours for a full conversion).

The application comes with a user-friendly interface, which offers quick access to all of program features and options. It is a powerful, yet simple tool. The program also features the "Shut down computer when done" option, which saves the user from sitting in front of the PC until the tasks are done.

The "Setup" menu opens another window where you can begin to customize your project. You are allowed to modify properties such as “screen size”, “width”, “pieces”, as well as “height”. One important aspect of the program is the fact that it enables you to select which codec will be used in the conversion process. By opening the “Chapter” menu, you are allowed to set the “movie titles”, add subtitles and captions to your videos, as well as make various audio settings.

Taking all this into consideration, you should give DVD-TO-AVI a try; it is an efficient piece of software that allows you to easily convert your DVD movies to AVI or MPEG format. Its well-organized interface makes it an easy-to-use application for both beginners and experienced users.

Dave Hattey
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